Royal train

Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to travel by train.

Who was the first British monarch to travel by train?

The royal families traveled on land by horse-drawn traction during many centuries. It was changed when Queen Victoria made her first trip by train.

“It is evident that the steam carriage passes with surprising speed, throwing sparks as it flies along the railway, surrounded by clouds of smoke and loud noise. It was a curious thing indeed!” These words were first uttered by Victoria when she encountered the first locomotive during her travels. She was the first reigning British monarch to travel by railway in 1842.

The Royal family train

One of the most important symbols and privileges of the British monarchy is the personal royal train.

Currently, the royal train consists of 9 wagons, including the queen’s private salons, her husband Prince Philippe and heir to the throne of Charles, Prince of Wales (built in 1977, they are the oldest in the composition). Annually the Queen together with her husband and Prince Charles make about 10-15 trips on their own train.

In 2012, the royal staff for the 60th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II received a new diesel locomotive. Despite the high status, the interiors of the British royal train are rather modest. It has only one single bed and a small desk. The only luxury is pillows with lace. The same modest is the coupe of her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Royal train of Elizabeth II will carry tourists

The carriages of the British royal train, written off from service, were bought by a French billionaire. The new owner plans to create a luxury European express for travel “in a royal way.”

In addition to the chic furnishings, the train will be surprised by the presence of a butler, who is ready to help the passengers. The tourists will be offered a sleeping car, dining car, bar, TV, gym and even a private cinema.

The only disappointment is, perhaps, different from the original design of the cars. The interior decoration of the composition will be changed according to modern European traditions, which by luxury will not yield to royal apartments. In the press already appeared sketches of future train cars.