Public Transport in the UK

The UK has multiple options when it comes to public transport. There are bus, rail, plane and ferry options but depending on the route and destination have various prices attached to them. Whilst driving around in cars is hugely popular and has been growing in number over the years, there are still ample options for… Read More Public Transport in the UK

Royal train

Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to travel by train. Who was the first British monarch to travel by train? The royal families traveled on land by horse-drawn traction during many centuries. It was changed when Queen Victoria made her first trip by train. “It is evident that the steam carriage passes with surprising… Read More Royal train

Travel Around Britain

Travel around Britain to see its beauty in many ways. Traveling by train British railways offer a fast, comfortable and simple journey of the highest class. Britain is proud of its ramified system of railways, because trains run not only through large cities, but even through tiny villages. Tickets for most long-distance trains can be… Read More Travel Around Britain

Public transport in London

Here comes a guide on how to get to popular tourist attractions around London and what you need to know before you start your journey. Some of the most visited sights include Big Ben, London Eye, Madame Tussauds and Buckingham Palace. Jump in a London Cab The classic black cabs are a great way to… Read More Public transport in London

A guide to transport in the UK

UK has a well-established public transport system with options from bus, train, metro (or underground) to more costly but always available taxis and of course national flights for longer distances. The train tracks cover every major city in UK and busses stop in small towns including most of countryside. In big cities, such as London,… Read More A guide to transport in the UK